Sili Ryder Pro Electric Scooter

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Sili Ryder Pro Electric Scooter

With a long range removable Panasonic battery and an IP54 rating, this scooter take you to most places you can think of.
If you want a commuter scooter, or want to ride your scooter for fun this is one of the best personal electric scooters on the market.

This robust electric scooter has an IP54 rating which will be sufficient to keep you moving till you reach home. It has twice the range of the Sili Ryder

Boasting stunning aesthetics as well as power,electric scooter is built from aluminum alloy, streamlined, which has a minimalist design while ensuring high structural strength. Capable of up to 30 miles on a single charge

Product Specification

  • Clean design

  • Removable 12.8Ah Panasonic Battery

  • Unlimited Range with additional batteries

  • Up to 30 miles per battery

  • 350w Motor

  • Rear disc, electronic + Rear foot brakes (3 total)

  • 10″ Shock Absorbing Pneumatic tyres (with inner tubes)

  • 120kg max weight

  • 1 year UK warranty

  • UK tech support

At Vandella Phones most common stock is held in branch, if you want to check availability on parts send us a message or give us a call we are happy to help and will answer promptly.


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